Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Florence , Italy Part 6 : Wednesday Ferragamo

This morning we are visiting the Ferragamo Shoe Museum downtown . We have been invited upstairs to their private quarters where we nosh on pastries , pate , wine and sparkling water .

On the right , I am whispering to Martha that those are priceless Ferragamo scarves being used as table covers . Isn't that a lovely marble column I am standing next to ? And the Louis XIV buffet sideboard was serviceable....
On the left , Lisa and I are relaxing in Splendour . We are building up strength , they have opened the boutique and offered Sniffa 60% off selected merchandise . Duty Calls !!
Shoes were purchased at reduced prices . But not by me .
$600-60%=too much. Notice my flip-flops .
Today is the busiest day of our tour . We have appointments all day , and there are other companies that

But Team Karen has to tell one company , Ortigia , we are booked .
Do you know what they do ?
They send bags of free merchasndise for us anyway . No lie .

I digress.

After the Ferragamo tour , we grab a lovely lunch in a piazza . I have pasta al pesto , not a traditional Tuscan dish , but on the menu and it's perfect .
We must hurry to the hotel to meet for theEau D'Italie presentation . They have taken a train up from Rome in the heat and are amazed at the breezy conditions . It is usally much hotter and moe humid this time of year . Lucky us !!

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