Sunday, April 12, 2009

Essence and Alchemy by Mandy Aftel

Has everyone else but me already read this book ?
Good for me that I finally bought myself a copy . What I wouldn't give to have access to Mandy's library . She trudged through alot of stilted prose to bring us this compendium of incredible arcane stuff .
Take away our sense of smell and what do we have left ?
Indeed I am brought to my knees by the knowledge of what an integral part perfume has played in history . Cleopatra soaked the SAILS of her ship in fragrance ? OMG I live on a boat and I understand the significance and WASTE of such an act....

Thank you Mandy for reading those ancient texts , and trying out all those useless ancient formulas and getting to the heart of the matter . And congratulations on your upcoming exhibition at Henri Bendel's on 5th Avenue in Manhattan beginning later this month .


Bettina said...

I read the book about two years ago and loved it. Speaking about Mandy Aftel reminds me I need to try some of her fragrances. And speaking of fragrances: I am wafting in Rubj by Vero Kern. What a beautiful fragrance. Vero gave me samples of her 3 fragrances during the niche fragrance fair in Milan two weeks ago. Sunny weather outside and I decided I will try the first of the three frags.
I guess this will be a new lemming: Orange blossom, jasmine and some tuberose (that's what my nose smells) spread on a bed of musk accords, notes or base. Very very nice. As well something in this great perfume reminds me of my mother;)
Seems I should start saving up my dough for this beauty. 2 more to try: Kiki and Onda.

waftbyCarol said...

Lucky you to meet Vero Kern...any famous quotes from her ?
Love my KIKI decant....LEMMING Rubj , let's split one !!

Bettina said...

Dear C.
if you are serious about the Rubj split then let's discuss this further. I would order it then.

waftbyCarol said...

I am serious....

ggs said...

((blushing because she's been promising to send you both a sample of Aftelier's Tango for low these many months...))
I plead crazy busy, and in no mood to organize my samples and make a post office trip. But I will soon, I promise. Tango is for advanced perfumistas. It's quite unusual, lovely, earthy, & rich.

This book is a classic.

Signed, your friend the book-lover

waftbyCarol said...

BAD BAD girl...KIDDING Gail!!
Your life is beyond crazy and those gorgeous children you raise....
I so-oo love the Pink Lotus, it has the dryest creamiest sandalwood drydown...I can't even tell ya !!