Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Le Galion Sortilege

image from Octavian . Please read his post today . Guerlain is harassing him .

Sortilege -wish , charm , spell , magic .

Le Galion fragrances are long discontinued . I never would have heard of them had it not been for the marvelous community of bloggers I call my friends . Octavian wrote about this obscure little house and their trendy parfums of the 1930's .

Sortilege (1937) is a fluffy cloud of white flowers and aldehydes and I own my own adorable little 1/4 oz parfum . I immediately e-mailed a photo of the bottle to Octavian in Paris . He wrote back that the amazing thing about Sortilege is it's overdose of tuberose absolute , yet it does not smell much of tuberose , so beautifully balanced and blended . I feel uber-sexy wearing this , I want to go see the can-can girls..Les Folies Bergere or something !

Sortilege Notes :
Top :
aldehydes , bergamot , hyacinth , neroli ,peach , strawberry

Heart :
rose , jasmine , ylang-ylang , orris , lily of the valley ,lilac , violet

Base :
sandalwood , vetiver , cedar , vanilla , tonka , civet , musc , oppoponax
photo of my cute bottle


Rappleyea said...

My question is: where in the world did you find this treasure??? And interestingly enough, sortilege is a word I just discovered about two weeks ago perusing a Thesaurus!

Divina said...

Oh my dear Carol, you are such an enabler! Every time I come here I learn about another little gem I've never heard of!!

Olfacta said...

Carol --I had barely heard of this. It sounds divine! And the package, too -- what a beautiful drawing of the dove. Something about it seems almost otherworldly.

waftbyCarol said...

Thanks to Octavian I recgnized this on MUA
Glad my best girlfriends could come by so we could be ENABLED
Wish you were here so we could all wave this teeny- tiny vintage bottle under our noses
Very much in the style of original No 5
And Arpege, Liu , Vega
I have vintage of all of them
My age maybe showing?

lady jicky said...

Why is it Carol that they cannot reproduce the classics . I know the raw material is not around or allowed anymore but with the technology of today.....

I love the poster too. So chic!

chayaruchama said...

This is my memory of my mother; I wear it to channel what was glorious about her [ and DAMMIT, it takes a helluva lot of 'channeling', LOL] -
But Sortilege is it.

An olfactory glory, and NOT for little girls, baby.
Lovely review.

waftbyCarol said...

kiss-kiss Mzzzz Chaya honey
This is the magic of fragrance, that it can take us anywhere we want to go...!