Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Perfumer's Palette - Galbanum


lusive , unusual , complex....galbanum was revered by the Egyptians and used in perfumery and much more . Galbanum's aromatic properties made it valuable as an insect deterrent , antispasmotic for childbirth problems , and regenerative for mature skin when blended with violet leaf and rose . ( not for use on younger skin )

Galbanum is anti-viral , and although of low vibratory rate , when blended with other resins such as Frankincense , it's vibratory rate rises drastically . Galbanum is mentioned in Exodus as a favorite oil of Moses , and was an important ingredient in the ancient Egyptian scents Metopion and Mendesian : which we can experience today through the imagination and creation of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz .

Galbanum is native to Iran ( Lar Valley of ancient Persia ) , and still one of the few places on Earth today where it is obtainable . A member of the Ferula family of plants ( Ferula gummose ) , galbanum resinoid and galbanum essential oil present two different odor profiles . The resinoid is deeper , woodier and more resinous green and used as a fixative base note . The essential oil is intensely green , similar to green pepper and green peas , giving floral bouquets a leafy , fresh quality .

An oleo resin is obtained by injuring the bark and collecting the liquid which is exuded . The oil is then steam distilled from the resin .

Constituents :

monoterpenes , pinene ,carene , sesquiterpenols : guaiol , galbanol ; coumarines

Fragrances famously containing galbanum :

Chanel No. 19

Balmain Vent Vert

Lancome Sikkim

Parfumerie Generale Bois Blond ( a fave of mine...)


queen_cupcake said...

Galbanum is a very interesting material! I would love to read more specifics from you about the vibratory concept.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I've been learning a lot from your Perfumer's Palette series. I'd like to try that Bois Blond.

Rappleyea said...

One of my favorite perfume notes! Strange that this oil isn't used much in aromatherapy as it has many of the same properties as myrrh. You've done a great job on this series, and I'm enjoying it very much.
P. S. My two favorite scents with galbanum are both Guerlains - Chamade and Vol de Nuit.

waftbyCarol said...

Hi QC - I keep researching vibration's all about electricity , everything in the Universe is vibrating !
Thanks kjanicki ! We better do a swap !
Donna - ooh , how could I forget Vol de Nuit . The parfum is at the top of my wishlist !

tarleisio said...

I'm a longtime hardcore galbanum anything fan, and I agree that it's strange it isn't used far more in aromatherapy,

I could add a few more galbanum glories to the list:

Balmain "Ivoire"
YSL "Rive Gauche" (original in the blue, black and silver can)
Jacomo "Silences", which is ultraviolent GREEN, cool and surprisingly lovely in the heat of August.