Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rosarium Blends The Rosarium - THE ROSE !!

Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses
Catamara contacted me a few weeks ago , asking if I would like samples of some of her creations . Though I had never heard of her , of course I jumped at the chance to smell some independent creations .
From the website "Rosarium Blends makes their own ritual incense blends, essential oil blends, and natural perfumes using the finest herbs, woods, resins and essential oils. All formulations are original recipes and the result of extensive historical research, practical experimentation and magical studies.

Each incense, oil, and perfume is blended and charged during specific lunar phases, astrological transits, and correspondences. Thus formulated with intention to enhance the charm’s potency, enliven the senses, and increase the heightened awareness they are designed to awaken. "

OK , yes , please...and she did not disappoint ! I was smitten with four samples , but my favorite of all is this rose , The Rosarium .
This is the rose you found in the garden , and plucked at it's zenith in the early sunshine , fresh and just barely dripping with dew . You carried it with you as you wandered and the sun warmed your back . You seek out the shade of a large tree , and lie down in the cool grass to press the blossom to your nose , and dream .
Notes given are two - rose and styrax . This creation speaks to me in whispers , makes me happy , yet contemplative , yearning for more . I know there is more - Resins , grasses , herbs . The rose is here is so realistic , fresh and dewy - silky without being metallic , slightly sweet without being jammy , full blown with a background of stems and leaves , a hay like softness of grass under your feet . Perfection !


Azar said...

Catmara's fragrances are some of my favorites. Her Rosarium is the first bottle from the line that I have purchased and I love it. My perfect rose!
Azar آزر

waftbyCarol said...

Hi Gail ! Thank you for stopping by . I too love this rose very much .

Catamara Rosarium said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed our signature blend! <3 Bloom True~