Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Florence , Italy Part 2

Our hotel was in historic downtown just a short block from the train station , which was great because the buses that picked us up could park right there and wait for our group to gather . This was not always an easy task , the bus drivers tolerated our slacker pace .

The hotel was smallish , 30 rooms and not fancy , but clean , serving us the Italian version of an American breakfast each morning , included . They don't eat breakfast in Italy and they don't know what cornflakes are . I don't really eat breakfast regularly either , I like my breakfast for dinner . Anyway .
picture : me standing
seated are Gail Groves Scott , Robin and Lisa bad girl

Some exciting things occured in that coffee room . The dark haired girl working in there didn't understand us at all . There were a couple of black sheep . Lisa , yeah you . She was always pissing off the staff with her ridiculous requests for reasonable things like , don't turn off the air conditioning . And Nancy, yeah you . She had a runny nose one morning and no kleenex , so she took a small stack of napkins on the way out of the coffee room . The dark haired girl chased her up the stairs calling out

" ONLY ONE !! "

" 'huh ? "

I guess Americans are wasteful in alot of ways .

One morning I sat my breakfast down at a table and then went to the next table to speak to Adelaide , and Martha came in right then . I turned around and my breakfast was swept away by the bad , bad dark haired girl ( yogurt , a danish , coffee , a full glass of oj..) and then she told Martha not to sit on that side of the room . I was so speechless I reached into my purse , grabbed a handful of euros and threw them in her tip jar .

You'll never hear any of this juicy gossip anywhere else .

Americans are bad .

We arrived at the hotel Sunday before 2 PM I think , and were to gather in the lobby around 6 PM to wander around , find some dinner and some GELATO .

Did I mention Karen D loves gelato ? Well , actually we all loved the gelato , and anybody who says they don't is wrong...

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