Thursday, September 4, 2008

Florence Part 3 Gelato

Did I mention Gelato ?
We have arrived and checked into our rooms , showered , changed from the clothes we slept in on the plane and are ready to hit the streets , check out some famous Tuscan cuisine.
Our hotel is on this little street on the left. If you go down to the end and turn right , there's a great pizza place we went to twice...
* grin *
But tonight , it is Sunday night in Italy and I am ready to wander the streets . My first night in lovely , sedate old Firenze and I am so pleased I could cry . We are gathering in the lobby of the hotel . Joe ends up leading our motley crew , map in hand . Left and then right , narrow streets and impressive old buildings more than twice the proportions of buildings I'm used to . We wander , and I don't have any idea where we are . Joe checks the map , we go this way and that , and suddenly we burst into the piazza , glowing
softly in the moonlight , the DUOMO stands proudly , Grand Dame , takes your breath away .
It's too big to fit in one picture...

We all were able to have dinner together not far from the hotel , platters of prosciutto , risotto , penne with ground meat ( I think this was pork , if not wild boar , a local specialty).
Groups went this way and that after dinner . One thing for sure . WE FOUND GELATO EVERYWHERE !
One of the favorites , and a relatively new upstart company in Italy was Grom , who have franchises in the US . I'm not sure who holds the record , but we had gelato at least twice a day....What is gelato you say ?

Gelato is Ice Cream , but made with half the fat of American ice creams , and not whipped with air . It is much creamier and richer , usually made with all natural flavorings and alot of it . Fabulous !!
Back to the hotel and crashed by 10 or 11 PM , we have a 7 o'clock bus to catch in the morning. We are going North , crossing the mountains to Parma !!

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