Monday, September 8, 2008

Florence , Italy Part 4 Parma

Monday morning came , I slept quite well . My roommate Gail and I got settled nicely . Early riser that I am I found hot water in the coffee room and made my own cup ( yes I brought coffee beans and coffee filters to make my own , I own a coffee roastery after all ) but after that I drank the stuff provided . It was good and strong and ready early .

Jet lagged bunch that we were , everyone was on time for the bus , sort of , ready for the Laura Tonatto workshop in Parma . I didn't know what to expect , excitement ran high , cameras clicked and we snaked our way out of town , onto the freeway and over the Appenine Range , through Bologna to Parma . I wrote about our fabulous day in Sniffapalooza Magazine .
photo of Laura Tonatto ,Robin Sper

We came back with a full bottle of Laura's newest fragrance . Solista , her first all floral has not even been released in the US. She also gave each of us a 200 ml bottle of Anni Venti room diffuser . As yet unreleased , it is a rich ambery confection created to celebrate Laura's 20 years creating fragrance. Plus of course the workshop , where each of us created a fragrance of our own and brought home a 2 oz bottle of edp , the only one in the world . Too cool , huh ?
photo : Tam , me and Karen A makin fumes (Debra's yellow shoulder)

We returned to Florence 12 hours later , exhausted but thrilled at our first full day of being treated like Royalty and given wonderful gifts in Italy !!

One of the only vanilla scents I wear is a discontinued Tonatto fragrance , Safram . A very simple composition , but so well balanced that it pulsates , beats like a drum between the bitter saffron and the sweet vanilla . My decant is getting very low , and I will miss it when it is gone .

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