Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Florence , Italy Part 7 Chianti

Somebody stop the clock . It is Thursday when I wake up and I just got here .
Today we are going south to Chianti to visit Pruneti Iris Farm . I told you about this wonderful tour a few weeks ago . First I want to visit the mercado and purchase some aged balsamic vinegar . which I do . I take Bettina with me , we have a cappuccino down the street . With sign language and pointing , I communicate to the barista that , in the United States , I own a coffee roastery , I do what he does , and have made cappucino for 20 years.... he tells me he has stood behind his espresso machine for 35 years and is retiring this year !! Bettina helps with the translation , but I get what he is saying , and we have a " Barista Moment".

Then we go buy some balsamic vinegar , which I told you all about .

We hurry back to catch the bus to Chianti . There was a last minute scramble for a bus , and a driver from Chianti who could navigate the narrow roads and hairpin turns and actually FIND THE PLACE . Yay ! The bus and driver show , but he doesn't speak a word of English . Enter Joerg and Ruth . They speak Italian and save the day again . It really is not far to Pruneti , we have a wonderful time , and we return to Florence with time to shop and explore beautiful historic downtown . You can read about that trip earlier on this blog .
After such a special lunch , we decide to find the little pizza place again that night for dinner . They serve personal size , the size of a giant platter with a super thin crispy crust , not too much sauce , and the best cheese you ever had....scuse the drool on the screen . They also serve Brunello di Montalcino , a fabulous ' big red' wine from the area which I drank . One must do these things dutifully when in Italy .
photos by karen A : Robin Sper , Lisa Lawler and I eat pizza professionally , above
left : pizza , in Italian on the box ( foreground :Bettina 's arms )

I can taste it now !!

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