Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday - Goodbye Florence

What good would it do to cry ? I am a big girl , I knew this day would come . Just get on the plane ( with twice the luggage ) *grin* and don't look back .

Ciao bella , Italia...

One more time we gather in the breakfast room , graze the buffet and drink that kick-ass coffee . Uh , where did all the

( heavy ! ) baggage come from...heh , heh .

The bus driver who has to load all of it is NOT amused . Karen A reminds us to tip him well , cuz he earned it . The plane is on time , I buy a couple of Italian candy bars at the airport and sadly board the plane . So many fabulous stories to tell . I think I will have to start a blog when I get home .


JR said...

Thank you for allowing me to revisit this unspeakably beautiful place. I missed the mercato and the Rinascente, so clearly I have to go back! One week was not enough. A year would not be enough.
Un abbraccio,

waftbyCarol said...

a year would not be enough !!
I will never get over that trip...