Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday in Firenze Part 8 con't

We wander over to Rinascente , but nothing in the fragrance department rocks our world so we check out the housewares upstairs . The rooftop bistro is famous , from there the city spreads out before us up close and personal . The Tuscan sunshine is melting like butterscotch over the terra cotta rooftops , the river lazes by . History unfolds .
We eat huge bowls of Tiramisu .
We cry over death , taxes , going home tomorrow .
But today , we love the world .
We have a 2PM appointment at Elisir . With Bettina at the map , we find it before the rest of the group and we are so impressed . This is a very upscale shop , cool and , at the moment , almost empty . There are dozens of fragrances floor to ceiling I have never sniffed before .
Tann Rokka .
Profumi del Forte .
Esteban .
Carthusia .
Bettina sticks a bottle of La Base under my nose and we immediately split a bottle of that .

The rest of the group wanders in later , evidently this is a difficult place to find .
Thanks Bettina !!
When refreshments are ready , we go downstairs for lovely platters of prosciutto with Tuscan wine....the heat outdoors is long forgotten .
We are ROYALTY and we are given more free stuff...
Carthsia makes a fun presentation , which I told you all about a few weeks ago . She sprayed all of the fragrancesand passed them around. We each recieved a gift bag with samples and exclusive mini bottles of Carthusia and Profumi del Forte . (Royals ) * grin *
This was a memorable place for me , dozens of scents I have never had the chance to smell , only to read about...So many fragrances , so little time .

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