Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dishwashing Liquid

I wash alot of dishes . We don't have automatic equipment even in the commercial kitchen at Mystic Bean . Sometime in the last 10 years they really started messing with the scent of dish soap . They also started making it ULTRA...I guess that's a good thing except everybody still uses the same amount ( too much ) .
Palmolive was always available at Costco so that's what I used at the coffee shop and at home on the boat . One day they changed the formula and I really disliked the scent of it , so I started buying
" something else..."
One day at Costco I noticed Costco brand ( Kirkland ) and in a huge gallon jug , biodegradable etc etc so I bought it . Ahem . The first time I used it I gagged . Literally , that fresh aquatic ( the dreaded watery accord ) GAH !! I could hardly give it away .
Most dish soaps were lemony for a long time , too much like furniture polish . Lately I've been buying good old Joy , they make a non-ultra formula nicely lemony , but I still wasn't happy .
Enter Ajax Ruby Red Grapefruit Dishwashing Liquid . It really smells great ! Not artificial , but like a real grapefruit , kinda dirty and pithy and interesting , tart and sudsy and my new HG dish soap !!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't live without a dishwasher. I cook, use a few settings and sterlize baby stuff, so it is a necessity. However, when I do wash a few things by hand I love the Caldrea pineapple-nutmeg wash. It smells like christmas.

Been drinking the Kenyan Peaberry - - sooo very good.

Anonymous said...

Caldrea ? I've never heard of that brand...sounds yummy.
Peaberry coffee is so complex and different than regular Kenya !!
Enjoy .

Anonymous said...

LOVE citrus dishwash & soap scents, and grapefruit is a favorite....

**off to buy the Ajax***


waftbyCarol said...

Hey Gail ,
An often neglected issue , dishwashing...*grin*