Saturday, November 1, 2008

Roxana Villa : Illuminated Perfumes

WOW !! Let me repeat . WOW !!
Roxana is from California , and you didn't have to tell me . Her outfit at lunch on Saturday told the whole story . Head to toe in shimmery violet , only Californians dress like that and it was stunning . Hair in a mussed bun , no make-up . She glowed . She's a tree hugger . She looked about 14 .
Now , the other wow , her fragrances sing when you open the bottle . Sing with purity of scent , purity of heart , purity of intent .
Roxana was an illustrator with great talent for line drawings that look absolutely ancient , from another time . Then she became interested in Aromatherapy , studied it and her fragrances grew out of a concern for the environment . She told us proceeds go to specific causes , such as the endangered Coastal Oaks (Q stands for Quercus , the Genus name of the Oak .)

Vespertina ? WANT IT . Beautiful diffusive floral , orange on top , a little earthy incense on the bottom...totally gorgeous , if not particularly long lasting . The cleanest floral I have ever
smelled !!

"Q" ? Gotta have it . Swoon , groan...I know she is tincturing her own oak leaves for this . Like a roll in the yard on a fall day .

Vera ? Sniffing it now....all about lavender .
She has four other fragrances ( Chapparal , Sierra , Aurora , Lyra ), these three samples I won on Sunday at the raffle .
I spent some time over at her website ,
I will definitely be wearing these fragrances . Her philosophy and attention to detail are beyond compare , she is a true artisan perfumer . Congratulations Roxana , all the best .


Anonymous said...

I too have used Roxana perfumes for years & found them superb.

waftbyCarol said...

Hi Angelica !
Lucky you for knowing about her . I just met her , and have very much respect for what she is doing .
Thanks for reading .