Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thierry Mugler The Pefume Coffret

I was on my way to Italy and barely gave it a second glance . This wondrous box of odours revered and talked about all over the blog-o-sphere was mine to spend the afternoon sniffing . Created by two imaginitive perfumers who developed atmospheric odours to replicate Grenouilles' existence in Paris in the early 1700's , this gorgeously presented coffret is made up of 15 perfumes and was created by Christophe Laudamiel and his partner, Christoph Hornetz (International Flavours & Fragrances) The two started to experiment with oils about seven years ago as a cultural exploration in perfumery, atmospheres and interpreting Süskind's imaginings. A collaboration with legendary Vera Strübi with Thierry Mugler Parfums, and Peter Friedl, President of Distribution and Marketing for the movie enabled the Coffret to
become a reality .

After my sniff-a-thon at Hice's apartment on the upper West Side , I got on a plane and spent the best week of my life in Italy . Do you know I almost blanked out the coffret ?

The weather was not great that Saturday in July . I had planned on some major sniffing by myself in Manhattan ( HEAVEN , the first time in my life I would have this luxury...)before boarding the night flight to Pisa....but it was so rainy I just could not walk that much and cab hopping is wet and not cheap . My dear friend Hice saved the day . We went to lunch , we took her new puppy to the vet . We hung out at her condo and sniffed . The coffret , some JARS she owns , the Olfactionary , top shelf collection huh ?

All I could think about was Italy .

LOL !!

And then it was time to catch a cab and fly across the pond....

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