Thursday, April 30, 2009

Odori Tabacco

I quote myself here and laugh now at what I said when I first sniffed this last year :

" Odori Tabacco opens on that dusty hay note I love , gaining in sweetness , body and richness until it smells of cherries and vanilla . Darker , fuller with a presence I might find hard to wear though I really like this . Comforting like Grandpa in his chair , in the best way !! "

The notes listed for Tabacco are :
Top Notes:
Sicilian bitter orange, Somalian incense, Chinese eucalyptus

Heart Notes:
Egyptian jasmine, Haiti vetiver
Base Notes:
Madagascan vanilla, oak moss, tobacco leaves

Tabacco is very dominant in this scent . From the bottle and scent strip it actually comes off much heavier than it is . I truly love the smell of tabacco leaves and flowers . Once in awhile I just have to dig around and find something that smells of pipe tobacco and leather chairs...I have yet to find the perfect one .
But for today , Odori is radiating a dusty warm comfort...I detect more eucalyptus/pepperyness in the background , incense a very light impression of smoke , just barely lit pipes and brandy .
Jasmine too making it a little creamy , a little softer . Really lovely , if not particularly a spring scent . Very long lasting and comforting !

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