Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hilde Soliani Vecchi Rosetti

UPDATE : This is so lovely I cannot WAIT to get my hands on a bottle . After my whine-fest , you can see down on the comments , that Hilde herself posted !!
But that isn't why I want a bottle . Vecchi Rosetti is a skin scent , in that it stays very close , but forever...hours and hours after applying I can still smell traces of this . Faint powdery make-up , freshly waxed wood floors classes when I was a young girl ...
Vecchi Rosetti was created as an atmospheric scent , to recreate the scent of the theatre , it's waxed wood floors and stage make-up . These are two of my favorite accords , so imagine my excitement at sniffing this when I got to NYC . You have heard about the weather that Friday...pouring rain !!
Neither rain nor lack of sleep was going to keep me from finding Vecchi Rosetti.....I trudged all the way over to Chelsea to New London Pharmacy to sniff this...
WTF ???
Who hired that woman behind the counter and who thought there was room to sell expensive exclusive fragrances in there ?? My experience was not good . Someone needs to tell
Ms Soliani to take her fragrances elsewhere .
Vecchi Rosetti out of the bottle and on the strip didn't smell like much at all...I sniffed around a little , went up and down the aisles looking at the unusual product lines they carry...waiting for a samp which I never got . ( Later , back at my hotel , Vecchi Rosetti had bloomed into exactly what I expected , beautiful soft and woody, and I want 2 bottles...)

So I left in the pouring rain and walked down to the village , only to be cold shouldered by the gents at Aedes again . None of these people cared about the effort I made to check out their "Exclusive " products .

Nor did the Chanel people at Saks...

"We don't sample Beige because of it's limited distribtion..."

Again I say


So I voted with my pocketbook and didn't buy a damn thing .

I feel so much better now .

5 comments: said...

Hi Carol,
NLP is a mess, gotta confirm that. I was kinda shocked when I went in there during Spring Fling last year. It felt more like all these nice fumes were just jammed into some kind of unloved corner storage space. Without any appreciation. dont even bother to direct any questions to the SA. It is more like "dont talk to me because that might result into oh shoot I have to work now and answer questions and haul things from the shelves". OMG work. How dare you? Get a life and get your butt in gear. We all gotta work for our moolah. Am I right or not?
If it were the so called NY attitude I could deal with that but I cant deal with their laziness and ignorance. They spent more time snooping behind you when you cruise the store than they spend with you taking care of you as a customer. Okay enough vented out on that one;)
Aedes is a different story to me. I had a nice experience there during the same spring fling. Karl was very nice and very helpful and I really appreciated and still do his recommendation as he introduced me to M01, Molecules 01. Lovely fragrance which I nickname the teasing fragrance. Thank you Karl!As well his partner was nice and the female SA they had in the store back then. Really felt comfortable.
Didn't you ask them at Sak's "if you dont sample how do you make sales?" Probably just because it is Chanel and an exclusive so it must be good??? If you still would like to try that one email me or answer here. I have a sample of it and I will be happy to mail it to you.
Oh and Hilde Soliani. Get this I tried to find her fragrance in tutto la citta di Milano, chased them down all over Milan and could not find them.
I guess nuff said otherwise I label myself here as the total complainer about almost everything.

waftbyCarol said...

I really love Vecchi Rosetti and I WILL buy a bottle . It has an unusal , tamped down quality , like the Suederol that Octavian was talking about on his blog . Soo-ooo lovely .
However the attitudes of the SAs is inexcusable...not just because I GET TREATED LIKE ROYALTY WHEN I'M WITH THE KARENS EITHER...
sometimes we have to vent and this is the opportunity .
The dark haired boy toy at Aedes
( in the best possible way I'd like that boy at my pool )didn't even know they were unveiling Molinard 160 the next day...
anyway Karl was very lovely to me in the past , I did not see him that day .

Divina said...

HAH! I hate when SA's look affronted and appalled when asked for a sample! I mean get real, it's not like I am taking money out of *their* wallet. I actually got into a heated argument with a particularly rude one, saying to her that companies would *like* them to make samples so that their products can be promoted. I asked to speak to her manager at which point she promptly made samples for me. Now I don't bother, I can't waste my breath. If someone is acting like that I react exactly like you did, taking my business elsewhere. Thanks for this post, I feel the same indignation about this issue!

Anonymous said...

dear Friends
Care amiche
i am really sorry about that

a milano i miei profumi si trovano in esclusiva perchè è l'unico negozio di vera nicchia

Hilde Soliani

waftbyCarol said...

Oh , Oh, Oh,
Ms Soliani ?
I am so pleased you dropped by !!
I love your fragrances and am so sad they were treated like that .
I made a huge effort to smell them too .
I will own your fragrances eventually , but not that day !!
Thank you for caring !