Monday, May 25, 2009

Guerlain Chant d'Aromes

There is not a fragrance family I don't love . Well , ok I don't love fresh aquatic . Gimme fougeres , soliflores , an Oriental here and there . But chypres , that illegal oakmoss ....I love them every time . Chant d'Aromes "Song of Scent "( 1962) by Jean-Paul Guerlain was on my must sniff list at my first Sniffa .
" Home town girl goes to Manhattan for the first time at 55 "
....and I did sniff Chant d'Aromes at the ever-so-NYC Guerlain Boutique in Bergdorf Goodmans. But first I had to get by the Tom Fords...and you know I just couldn't understand Chant the first time . I longed to sniff the pure parfum , not an easy nor inexpensive thing . ( still haven't )
I now have a decant of my very own , I believe the EDT . I'm so happy , honeysuckle makes me happy like that...I wanted L'Artisan Le Haie Fleurie to be this , but it is thin and flat in comparison .

Top notes :
mirabelle, gardenia, aldehydes and fruits

Heart notes:
rose, jasmine, honeysuckle and ylang-ylang

Base notes:
benzoin, musk, vetiver, heliotrope, moss and olibanum

The somewhat bright and juicy peaches and aldehydes make for a bracing opening , yet the fruit ( dark mirabelle plums , the ones they dry for prunes )hints at the depth of green ,and the meloncholy floral heart does not cloy . I just love this for the summer , alas longevity was not great , but I can spray more liberally next time...

I had sniffed so many things that day , and Chant d'Aromes was not exactly what I expected from the notes . But in my mind it stayed . For now , I am so pleased to have a small decant of the EDTand someday I will own the parfum . Sniffa will be travelling to Grasse in 2010 , I wonder if they sell it there ?

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