Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Une Rose Chypree' By Andy Tauer

The Evolution of a Masterpiece :

"Every time we say hello , we're on our way toward goodbye.."
Rod McKuen

Does the exquisite beauty of a thing sometimes make you sad ? The delirious pang of longing that produces music in your soul ? A pain without which you'd be empty....

I am dreaming . In my dream everything is so much more vivid than the real world . I am vacationing in an ancient stone cottage at the edge of a wood . My bedroom windows are large and curved bays lined with pillowed couches and face the garden , shadowed and walled with hedges .
The summer storm has passed , a burst of wind has blown open the window and as I move to close it the moonlight filters through the branches and casts a silvery glow on the trellis below...
like outstretched hands the huge maple leaves are dripping with the last of the storm . There in the moonlight stands my love , cupping in his long hands the last red rose on the vine , the darkest reddest rose I have ever seen . The lush scent is carried on the breeze and he looks up at me and smiles .
He brings the rose up to me and spreads it's petals on the bed....much later all that is left to remind me he was here are the crushed rose petals , and the sweet fresh air coming through the open window...
This is one fabulous fragrance whose evolution is sublime , it cannot help but make your imagination fly . The surprise is that is does not scream rose-it whispers sensually of greenery and sweet nothings , couching the rose in silk and velvet and dreams...the far drydown is overflowing with vanilla and a touch of vetiver ? Here it reminds me of the fab Enslaved by Roja Dove .
Many thanks to Nathan Branch and Luckyscent for the winning bottle..I won !
I have shared some samples with Christen and Mindy . If you would like a sample , leave a reason why !


lady jicky said...

I love chypre scents and I grow over 60 roses in my garden. Many years ago I went to a wonderful talk at a department store here when Roja Dove was still working for Guerlain. I love Mitsouko and I loved that other chypre , Parure . Sadly - its gone . I would love to try a chypre with rose. I have one rose that I grow called "Fragrant Cloud" its not the nicest colour , a reddy orange , but the scent! Its yummy.
I would love a sample but ... not sure you would want to send one off to Australia. Crossing fingers.

waftbyCarol said...

Of course I will send to Australia!!
I fractured my rib a. Few weeks ago and then re-injured it so I have been HURTING!!
And doing alot of reading , right. now
Australian Bush Flower Essences
I didn't know Boronia only grows there!
Send me your adress! ( Email at top of blog page )
Welcome and thanks for reading!

waftbyCarol said...

I think I can part with one more sample without crying. ..any takers?

Rappleyea said...

I've been lurking and enjoying your blog for a while (where do you find those great crop circle pictures - this one looks like chakras to me), but my goodness, I can't believe you haven't been bombarded with requests for a sample. So I will! Please?

Reading blogs this afternoon has been a blast from the past - first Olfactarama reviews a Joni Mitchell biography and then I come here to find a quote from Rod McKuen. I think I still have The Sea somewhere.

Your description of this scent and the idea of beauty making one sad, also reminded me of a line from my favorite e.e. cummings poem: "The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses".

So sorry about your rib. I hope it feels better soon.

lady jicky said...

OMG - Boronia is a wonderful scent . Its a little brown flower with a yellowy centre but , when they are in flower - its wonderful.
I try to grow it but --- oooo, so fussy . YOu are lucky to get them growing in your garden. I had a friend once who had a bush of the pink one. I mentioned to her that I love the scent and she said she could not pick it up! Never has been able to .
I shall email you . Thankyou for the chance to smell this chypre!

Rappleyea said...

Talk about synchronicity, I watched (yet again) An Affair to Remember tonight.

Cary Grant: You're crying!

Deborah Kerr: Beauty does that to me.

Just had to share...

waftbyCarol said...
Hi donna
I know can you believe there isn't a line out the door for this sample?
I don't have a huge readership
I'm a newbie on the blog scene
Only one year blogging!
You and lady J won't be disappointed
This truly a beautiful scent .
Andy got hung up on cedar for awhile and I really don't like it in my perfumes!
but this is sublime vanilla tinged vetiver drydown
Love the movie quote
Soon as I have your adress I will send!

waftbyCarol said...

Thanks for the well wishes-I actually left the office and rode in the car yesterday
First time in 2 weeks- I 'm on the mend!