Friday, July 17, 2009

Carthusia Caprissimo

This is a beautiful painting by S. Sam Park of the waters off the island of Capri...intensely beautiful contrasts of sun and shade , water and sky .
The new Caprissimo is just as intensely beautiful , and suggests the entrance making fragrances of the past are making a comeback !

This is perfume !
Caprissimo is a melodic ode to the lemon tree , with sparkling green and lemon blossom , frangipani , blue jasmine , osmanthus , woods , and myrrh
Big and blowsy with great longevity and sillage , it fits beautifully into the range of fragrances by Carthusia .

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Divina said...

Hello my dearest Carol! How are you? I am still pooped from the Sniffa, can you believe? I am sleeping constantly, and still I crave more.

You were very much missed (and talked about! - positively bien sur!). I don't know yet about Grasse, seems so far away, but I hope that next time wherever that may be, we'll get to meet for real!


Divina said...

PS: My ears have pricked up at the mention of your sandalwood piece - looking very much forward to it!

judith said...

Hi Carol! Is there anything that resembles Caprissimo? I LOVE the smell of my hands after making fresh lemonade.

Bettina said...

Divina, did I hear pooped out? I am so worn out it is unbelievable. This Sniffa has worn me out big time. I only want to sleep, relax and do nothin'
Carol dear, is this a new one in this line or was I asleep during last year's presentation?

Rappleyea said...

Only this week I tested Fiori di Capri and really, really liked it. It was reminiscent of the old White Shoulders on my skin - very pretty and somehow innocent. And this one sounds even more beautiful. I'm really looking forward to trying it.

waftbyCarol said...

Sweet Divina , I am so jealous of your bottle of Havana Vanilla...Christen and I are trying to figure out how to break into your fume cabinet....I know , I know it's a long way across the pond !
I kept up with your adventures on Facebook !!! It KILLED me not to be able to afford to go...

waftbyCarol said...

Hi Donna and Dearest B !!
This is the newest in the line , I recieved a samp from a FAB MUA-er...I assumed it was the re-release and not the original , but now I'm not sure...?

I feel really bad that you girls are so worn out...NOT !!

waftbyCarol said...

Judith I didn't find this lemon-y...the myrrh is what shines here , in the style of vintage #22 althought they smell nothing alike .