Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt

In the days and years before I knew anything about Sniffapalooza the only thing that kept me company was the internet...reading reading reading about all those fragrances and cursing my existence here in No-Mans-Land of fragrance . I didn't know about The Perfumed Court either ! Not that I order that many samples anyway . They should be free !!

Don't get me wrong . I have ordered some samples ( some can't be lived without and that's a fact .) and numerous decants and loved most . I know what I like .

Hence the lemming for Wild Hunt . It was at the top of my must-sniff list FOREVER !!
Sniffa Fall Ball 2007 . There stood Christopher and a friend , downstairs at Bergdorfs . Looking uncomfortable , no table space , just standing there holding a bottle of water perfume , hoping someone would , I dunno , grab it ?
It was Wild Hunt !! Sniff . Grass . Wait . The whole damn forest , exactly what I expected .
YES !!
He sprayed it on me , told me there were no oil perfume concentrations for sale unless I went to Brooklyn , to his shop . Rats !
I never made it to Brooklyn . But now I have a little vial of Wild Hunt to enjoy , and pretend the fairies are waiting for me there , in that little vial....


Divina said...

Oh Carol I love this one! Have you tried Neil Morris' Dark Earth? I have a feeling you're really going to like it as well!

waftbyCarol said...

Noooo....I have sniffed so few of Neil's...the Wild Hunt lasted FOREVER yesterday .
I accidentally layered with Sous Le Vent ( it was great ) and even after the SlV wore off , the grassy Wild Hunt was still there !