Friday, August 7, 2009

Ava Luxe Chypre Noir

My fragrant friends send me things . Things like a decant of Ava Luxe Chypre Noir , which otherwise I had not heard of . She requested I give her my impressions of it , because she loved it and was not objective .
I understand ! There are fragrances I love beyond all reason .
So I looked forward to sniffing Chypre Noir . I had no idea of the notes in it , or how long ago it was created . I just sprayed it on , and closed my eyes to inhale the rich aroma of an old world composition , tentatively green and bright , shy roses peeking from out of the shadows of the trellis . Surrounded by long forgotten hedges , mosses softly surreal velvet . This takes on a bit of jammy , soapiness in the heart , growls with a touch of civet . Sassy and stunning !

At first there was a nod to Apercu by Houbigant , an arm around Madame Rochas ...the soft rose lingering , charmeuse and lace . A backward glance and a wink , not in the least old fashioned .
Queen Latifah from the movie Chicago

Mon dieu !!
Do you have a fragrance you love beyond all reason , no matter what other people say , no matter the price ?
Mine would have to be Melograno . Weird , undefinable .


Rappleyea said...

I haven't tried any of this line, but anything named Chypre Noir must be given a test!

Love beyond all reason = Vol de Nuit extrait. And I've recently discovered that it has been badly mutilated. I bought myself a bottle for my birthday, but sent it back. If it had been a blind test, I never would have recognized it! Not even close. I have managed to find about 1/2 oz. of vintage, although the bottle I was replacing was only a couple of years old, certainly not "vintage".

eldora said...

I would have to say Bandit parfum and Habanita parfum are two that I love beyond all reason. When I put one of those babies on...I'm just plain fierce!

KathyT said...

This fragrance is so wonderful to me, but it just didn't seem to get much love. For me it's like an olfactory journey through time, so it's almost hard to wear sometimes because the memories came rushing by with the scents of the past. I love it!