Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Nourouz - Tamarind Paprika

photo tamarindus indica leaves and seed pods

OK so I lied !!
I'm not finished reviewing Dawn's wonderful fragrances...
I ordered her Winter Sampler (update : oops it was the Holiday faves I ordered ) and found more things to love that I want to share . One being Nourouz , formerly Tamarind Paprika .
At first sniff I wasn't sure what to think . The unusual tangy and slightly fruity nuances of tamarind kind of remind me of barbeque sauce ! But this doesn't go that way at all .
Tamarind Trees grow quite large , producing many seed pods which are used for confections , sauces and beverages . The leaves and flowers are edible , the wood durable and flexible .
The fruit pulp has a unique aroma , thick , sweet-tart and deep .
Once I turned my full attention to Dawn's Tamarind Paprika scent I was smitten !
At first the tart and sunny aspects shine gently , then accompanied by the sweeter nuances and spicy pepper the whole composition becomes intriguing and complex , tingling and mouthwatering with subtle florals beginning to peek through .
But wait ! The best is yet to come as the resinous base notes melt and rise to join the symphony .
I detect a hint of my beloved labdanum first , although it is not listed . Round and soft opopponax smooths and sweetens , while winey accents lift the tangy tamarind and extend it's complexity .
It takes awhile before the tabacco and vanilla make an appearance , but the base lasts forever on my skin . Long after the tamarind tartness has faded , I'm still swooning over the snuggly yet sophisticated drydown ...

From DSH Website :
Top notes: Black Pomegranate (accord), Paprika, Tamarind
Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose Otto, Orris, Osmanthus
Base notes: Oppopanax, Red Wine notes, Tobacco Absolute, Vanilla Absolute


Ines said...

Carol, I for one am glad you lied. :) I ordered a sample of this on my first round of samples from DSH and then I had to order a larger quantity because I completely fell in love. I can't wait for it to come so I can wear it around Christmas. :)

waftbyCarol said...

Me too , I just ordered purse sprays of this and Minuit...this is really a great scent , and quite a bit more lasting than others I have loved from Dawn .

chayaruchama said...

You just mentioned two of so many she makes that are tremendously lovable ;-)

Whatta lady.

You don't NEED to stop, btw :0

waftbyCarol said...

hey girlfriend !!
OK , I won't stop until I'm finished ...