Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DSH - Three Kings

The story of the three wise kings , following the North star , bringing gifts of frankincense , myrrh and gold to baby Jesus is at the heart of Christmas and the tradition of gift giving .
Dawn has interpreted this parable in her brand new fragrance , Three Kings .
At first it feels masculine and green , dry almost rough ...
and then veers woody , peppery with creamy sandalwood undertones .
Slowly relaxing and warming on skin , some resinous incense peeks out , a puff of smoke on paper...I don't know what notes are in here , this is so new it is not listed on Dawn's website yet !

It is interesting , beautiful , yet a little too masculine for me to wear . Can't wait to find out what is in it . Galbanum ? Sandalwood ? Mitti ? Myrrh...saffron...frankincense ? I dunno...

I'm still taking names for the Christmas Eve drawing of Nohiba....

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