Thursday, February 25, 2010

By Kilian Taste of Heaven

I really can't believe I have never reviewed this . Kilian Hennessey debuted his fragrance line at Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2007 , and I got to meet him and talk with him awhile at Aedes de Venustas . It was so crowded that I gave up on sniffing , but our gift bag contained samples . When I got back to the apartment , I immediately fell in love with Taste of Heaven . Relaxing lavender and green , sweet and easy to love . The price ? Not so easy to I never bought a bottle . But I swapped for a small decant and every once in awhile , this is what I need !!
Not as simple as it may seem , this gets warmer and smoother the longer it is on skin .

Created by Calice Becker .

Notes :
Calabria bergamot oil, geranium bourbon oil, orange flower absolute, Turkish rose absolute, green absinthe oil, lavender barreme oil, lavandin abrialis oil, lavandin green absolute, lavandin green concrete, Indonesian patchouli oil, oak moss extract, costus oil, ambrarome absolute, vanilla bean absolute, tonka beans

"My goal is to create fragrances with powers as much of seduction as of protection." - Kilian Hennessy


Carol said...

It reminds me of Miller Harris' L'air De Rien, which I adore!

ggs said...

You like lavender too?! This is my favorite Kilian! (Or at least it was at that time, now I'm interested in his new collection...)
I bought my bottle of this at that 07 Sniffa, in fact. A high-quality lavender absolute, they say. It certainly lasts on me...

waftbyCarol said...

Hi Gail
I do love lavender , it is great for me since I drink so much coffee...(>:
I have a samp of his pure oud I will share ( e-mail me your adress again )

ggs said...

Oh I have a sample of the Pure Ooud. WOW. That's what makes me want to try the whole line (as it comes out: I think Rose Oud is just now available).

Just a final lavender comment- I have never tried Caron's Pour un Homme de Caron, but just added it to my "try" list, after reading a review on MUA (Mac789, who is a great writer) and recommends this as a reference lavender with a ambery base. It comes in a bath oil version too (!) which sounds fun.

waftbyCarol said...

I had a mini of the pour Homme and swapped it away...for some reason the amber made it really sharp .
I'm using EO Essentials Lavender shampoo these days with EO Essentials Sweet Orange and Honey conditioner and it's a wonderful way to start my day .
Taking a break from SMN Melograno shampoo , I used it for two years straight . O>:

Eugene He said...

Hi Carol,

I'm in love with A Taste of Heaven too. You should check out Eau De Gloire if you haven't. I think you'll like that too. I did a comparison on my blog.

Happy smelling!