Monday, March 15, 2010

Dior Homme

Iris , iris , iris ...I love iris .

When we were in italy at the Iris farm , we stood in the heat of the sun in the field while the patriarch of the family showed us the traditional method of digging Iris roots with a special fork .
Dusty , back breaking work , still not mechanized in Chianti , Iris farming is a disappearing art , hence the high price of real orris concrete . During their presentation , we kept asking , what perfumes contain your iris products ? Finally one of the sons went inside and brought out a bottle of Dior Homme...
This is chic and soft , the lavender lends a cool breeze at first ,then an ambery powder lends warmth to the drydown making Dior Homme easy to wear for a man or a woman . VERRRRY similar to my beloved Odori Iris...
Created by Olivier Polge in 2007 , this is the original I am reviewing , there is also a cologne and an intense version .

notes :
bergamot , Iris , lavender , , sage , cardamom , vetiver , amber , cacao , leather

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Eugene He said...

I love the cologne .. it is less lipsticky but I wish it has better longevity.