Monday, May 24, 2010

H&R Geneology Set

One more treasure from the estate sale - this box of dram vials tracing the 12 scent families in fragrance , beginning with simple floral and ending with the floral-leather . None of these have names , just numbers .

H&R was a German laboratory , bought out by Symrise in 2003 . This demo box would have been presented to clients who wanted to release a new perfume but didn't know what they wanted . This starting point represents all the different fragrance families and a few variations , in order for the client to decide what they like .
At left is the open box , with accompanying descriptions and the tiny sample bottles
( one is missing ).
The first one I tried was #12 , the floral leather . Sharp and birch tarry at first ( top notes are pretty much gone ), very similar to Tabac Blond , then softening to a soapy jasmine-civet , similar to Chanel Cuir de Russie....what a fun journey in sniffing these vials will be !

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