Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ask AbdesSalaamAttar - September 28

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to ask questions and learn from a perfumer ?
Many of you have experienced the fragrances of La Via del Profumo by AbdesSalaamAttar . Last winter , he released Balsamo della Mecca ( Mecca Balsam ) . I am happy to announce that AbdesSalaam , natural perfumer/composer - will be joining us here at WAFT to answer your questions !
Beginning at 6:00 AM EST Tuesday September 28 , AbdesSalaam will be live online with me to talk to us about his ethereal , mystical , beautiful scented creations .
I am most excited to talk about his Olfactory Psychology methods !!
Write down your questions and join us online Tuesday for discussion , answers , surprises , give-aways and more !
You might also enjoy reading the article about AbdesSalaam in the New York Times here .
Tuesday September 28


Ines said...

Carol, I'm entering this in my cell phone (otherwise I'll forget as I usually do unless it rings to remind me).
How incredible! :) I'm very much looking forward to this.

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

This is wonderful. I'll have to make the date/time as well so I don't forget.

Isa said...

I'll be here to read that post :)
I have had a look at the website and I have seen they make a lot of fragrances! I have never tried them, but I have read some very good reviews.
Many of the scents seem to be strong and animalic (not my cup of tea), but I'd like to try the floral.

waftbyCarol said...

*It will be something special . AbdesSalaam will continue to answer questions all week , until we have no more questions to ask !!

Bettina said...

great Carol.
Last week I received an order that I placed with Signore Dubrana. So far I tried 2 out of the many fragrances and both are very nice. I am really curious about Mecca Balsam and will save that for last;)

waftbyCarol said...

AbdesSalaam just e-mailed me , we will be giving away three full bottles of Balsamo della Mecca next week !

Isa said...

Great! :D

I was just thinking that Balsamo della Mecca would be one of my favorites. I love frankincense and benjoin.

Thanks to AbdesSalaam!

Musette said...

Carol -

This is very exciting!!! I'm so looking forward to this!

xo A

Unknown said...

Carol, this is a very exciting concept. I don't believe it has ever been done before, and I'd love to help promote it. Can I link to your post and put it on FB, twitter, the yahoo groups, etc?

waftbyCarol said...

Hi Anya !
Thank you so much , anything you can do would be most appreciated !
I hope we get a good turnout , so it is worth AbdesSalaam's time !

Unknown said...

I sent the notice to the two big Yahoo groups I host, and put it on twitter and facebook. I'll repeat a day or two before the event. Many will like to chat with him, I'm sure!

Tracy said...

Very cool!

Cymbaline said...

Unfortunately my job schedule won't allow me to participate in this event, but I just received a bottle of Mecca Balsam from AbdesSalaam. I bought a sample first and knew I had to have a FB! It is a fantastic scent and would encourage anyone who thinks they might like it to please give it a try.
Carol, maybe you could pass the word to D. Dubrana that I'm a very happy customer :) Trying to decide which fragrance to sample next!

waftbyCarol said...

Cymbaline -
I think he is keeping up with comments and read your comment himself !
I suggest Gipsy Queen , but I want to try Tcharas , Tabac , Hindu Kush ....ummm all of them !
If anyone has a question for AbdesSalaam you may e-mail it to me and we can see if he has time to answer it .

Maya said...

Hi there, I have been reading this blog with interest, I have never posted a blog- comment before... is it too late to ask some questions?