Friday, September 24, 2010

La Via del Profumo Tasnim ( Tasneem )

original watercoloror by Priya

Tasnim at first seems deceptively simple , strong and sweet . Ylang-ylang fills the aura with it's narcotic , laid back attitude and says

" Don't worry , be happy . "

A cool , minty breeze blows the ylang-ylang vines and the blossoms nod their heads , all is well.....Ylang - ylang is fruity , creamy , tenacious . The penetrating aroma can fill the room with a scent like pineapple pudding . To my nose it is overpowering , almost makes me anosmic , like there's not enough space in the room for both of us ! But that's not all there is : a beautiful jasmine joins in with it's assertive almost rubbery indoles along with spicy green nuances and a caramelized tonka/vanilla . But this is not tooth achingly sweet , nor is it gourmand .

Another beautifully balanced , thoughtful composition . How does AbdesSalaam do that ?

When this settles , it hums along for at least 8 hours , persistent yet gentle .

notes :
clary sage , cypress , ylang-ylang , jasmine , tonka bean , vanilla

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Unknown said...

Thank you for describibg the scent of ylang yland better for me. I've always wondered.