Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Via del Profumo Gipsy Queen

"I don't like you , but I love you...."

Gipsy Queen has a hold on me and she won't let go .
This was not love at first sniff . This was a stealth effect , a coup of sorts . Every sniff , interesting . Every note in place . Sweet , savory , sharp , smooth , restrained .

Perfectly balanced , no one note stands above the rest , just a colorful swirl full of tenderness , passion , regret . A rose trampled by careless passerby , a teardrop , a dark room , cold and stark - but one look out the window and the view is so beautiful , you will cry .
notes :
Lavender , Rose , Tuberose , styrax , patchouli , civet


Anonymous said...

Wow, Carol, this sounds stunning! I'm beginning to wonder... does he do a sample coffret?

tarleisio said...

And if he doesn't, then maybe we should club together on MOnday the 28th and politely request that he do! There are plenty of us clueless, hapless VIa del Profumo-less perfumoholics who are dying to try them all!

I mean, can something be that GOOD? And we haven't tried it yet? :-O

Do we have to let the anticipation kill us first? ;-)

waftbyCarol said...

His samples are 5 ml bottles - he believes that little 1 ml vials are not enough to test the fragrance.
I think a coffret of 2.5 ml sprays would be a great alternative , and more affordable .
personally , I want full bottles of everything...

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea! We should make a special request :)

waftbyCarol said...

Yes , more requests might convince him . I originally asked to buy samples of EVERYTHING he has made , but so far no luck .
I am really wanting Hindu Kush....