Wednesday, September 22, 2010

La Via del Profumo Holy Water

image from inshallah stained glass
Simplexity is a word used by AbdesSalaam to describe some of his scents and I too would use the word -
Holy Water , for instance . Ethereal , damp , cool , yet in no way aquatic , Holy Water is dominated by frankincense to my nose . It lasted for hours , like wisps of mist following me as I went about my day .
Opening on a lush round neroli , amazing how it amps up the fruity nuances in the incense . There is an odd dirtiness to this that fascinates and keeps me sniffing . Once the neroli settles , there is a tug-of-war between the good ( innocent orange blossom ) and the evil ( dark dirty frankincense ) and I'm not sure who wins.....
notes :
neroli , orange blossom , rose , sandalwood , frankincense


Isa said...

Ohh, I love frankincense!! Since I tried some years ago Donna Karan Black Cashmere I have been looking for a Holy Grail incense. I like Comme des Garçons Zagorsk a lot but I have not decided if it's full bottle worthy.

Holy Water seems really good.

Unknown said...

I love frankincense too. And orange blossom. This is another on the list of things to try.

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