Tuesday, September 21, 2010

La Via del Profumo Rose des Bois

"Make me something that smells beautiful...."

People come to AbdesSalaam and this is what they say . And we all benefit , because that is what he does . AbdesSalaam creates something beautiful and presents it to the world , for our benefit and enjoyment . Thank you AbdesSalaam !

Rose des Bois was created for Le Fablier as a gift for their clients . These dewy rose petals have been preserved for all time in a dark wooden box ...sprinkled with cinnamon and spice , kept secret and hidden until just the right moment . Open the box and reveal this beauty to the light !
In this context , this is the most beautiful guaiac note I have ever smelled , rich , dark and bittersweet . The vanillic drydown is somewhat sweeter and very smooth .
Remember , one week from today Sept 28 , AbdesSalaamAttar will be joining us to answer your questions live ! We will be giving away three bottles of his newest creation , Balsamo della Mecca . Save the date !


Ines said...

I'm so glad we will get a chance to talk with him next week (and maybe win a bottle). There is never enough time and money to try all the wonderful lines out there but this one generates so many good reviews I wanted to try their perfumes for quite some time, so after your reviews, I will create a list with samples to order (this one just got added). :)

waftbyCarol said...

At first this reminded me a little of Tauer Une rose Chypree , they share a wonderful dark richness .
Yeah , I would like a full bottle of everything he has ever made , seriously !
I have an idea for a fruity blue lotus perfume I want him to make me , when I win the lottery....I have been trying to make it myself to no avail .

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't wait to read the Q&A!

BdM has had me on the fence for a while; I bought 10mL in a split, and shared and swapped away 8mL... now that I'm down to 2mL, I'm really beginning to appreciate the beauty and artistry of the fragrance.

I haven't tried others from AbdesSalaam, yet, but look forward to doing so!

JoanElaine said...

Unfortunately, I will be away so I'll miss the live questions!

I would love to try BdM. I fear ordering it only to have customs dispose of it, or for it to arrive shattered.

Enjoy the Q&A!

tarleisio said...

I haven't yet tried anything of his, but if descriptions are anything to go by, his 'BdM sounds - or reads - like - some kind of heavenly. He's definitely on my must try list - and hopefuly, I'll get there, some day!

chris g said...

I'm so thrilled about Sept. 28 - I've been watching and drooling over his website for several years. It's very generous of both of you to organize this fabulous event!!!