Monday, September 13, 2010

Dupetit - Natural Organic Perfumes

Spending the last few days with Dupetit's samples....there is a clear favorite . And some , I don't care for .

*Full disclaimer - Dupetit sent me all these samples !*
The packaging is simple , and it reads
" Since 1989 Dupetit has been devoted to the creation of 100% natural , vegan and 'Agreco - certified ' organic perfumes . "
For more information , go to the website :
plus watch for my interview with him later this week ...

Samples with names like Foin Coupe , Eau de Dupetit , Indiene , an unexpected Vanilla , a Chypre , Fougere , White Lily and Magnolia : there is a favorite here for everyone .
Let's start with White expectations are low , ( I really don't want to be disappointed , after loving the Musk NR 5 so much ! )...remember I immediately wanted to buy a full bottle of the Musk NR 5 !!
Anyway , usually lily is too shrill on my skin . Dupetit White Lily is a brilliant white yet complex thing that leaps from the vial- buttery , creamy , full of exuberance and fun . Really pretty !
I will have more to say about this one .
notes :
clove blossoms , ylang , tagetes , tonka , Tuberose , Ceylon muskat , Iris , Jasmine

Next , Vetiver , which I approached with even more know my intolerance for vetiver . This is citrus-y lemony vetiver , which gets a little woodier , and not harsh .
notes :
agrumen , lemon , orange blossom , ylang , spices , vetiver , Jasmine , Iris

Last up for today , Foin Coupe , which is a lovely name isn't it and what does it mean ? Translated from French as new mown hay ( I should have known that...) Foin Coupe is green and juicy and sunny .
notes :
acacia , Rose , tonka absolute , galbanum , lavender , spices , Jasmine , Patchouli
We have not met , but Alfredo Dupetit - Bernardi has been answering my questions via-email , so I feel like I'm getting to know him . Though his English is charming and excellent , he asked me to 'fix it a little ", otherwise the answers are his , the questions are mine . Stay tuned this week for our discussion , more reviews ( can you guess my favorite ? ) and another giveaway of Musk NR 5 .


Anonymous said...

I wan to try Foin Coupe! I love the smell of hay! Looking forward to the discussion :)

Unknown said...

Oh yes, hay, me too. Was it in the Emperor of Scent that Luca Turin said hay absolute was the most gorgeous perfume all by itself?

Isa said...

Thanks for your reviews! It's difficult for me to say which one will be your favorite (Vanilla?). I think that I would love White Lily, and maybe Magnolia and Foin Coupé :)

I'm looking forward to the rest of your reviews.

Dixie said...

The Foin Coupe sounds most interesting by far. No lily in the White Lily perfume? I can't wait to hear about the chypre!

Anonymous said...

kjanicki, LT talked about it in The Guide, but I can't remember which fragrance it was in reference to.

I'm pretty sure if someone would just bottle that absolute, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!