Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Halloween

I recieved a sample of Halloween from Dawn in our gift bag on Sunday at Barolo Restaurant . Citrus and licorice make a nice contrast in the opening , the heart is gourmand and sweet with some extra spice and a touch of pumpkin , just lovely !!
It is rich and warm , satisfying as a favorite slice of pie , with none of the calories !
Notes :
Top - bergamot , blood orange , licorice
Heart - carnation , pumpkin , spice
Base - Moss


Unknown said...

That sounds really nice.

Natalia said...

Sounds lovely. For some reason blood orange translates on my skin (or processes in my brain) into the most wonderful smell of honey. Natalia

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, this does sound good. I love to put a bit of anise-flavored liqueuer in my pumpkin pie recipe, so it does not surprise me that the licorice note works well here. Wouldn't have thought to pair licorice with citrus, though - that sounds like an interesting combo!