Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz December

In our recent e-mail conversations , I told Dawn that I have probably reviewed more of her fragrances than any other perfumer . I also told her I am her stalker ! Thank goodness she has a sense of humor , she took it as the complement it was meant to be . LOL.

Upon first sniff of her newest Holiday creation , December , I felt she had created December just for me !! She didn't of course . But she did send me a sample and OMG , it is the Holiday season all wrapped up and bottled .

Fresh and resin-y , a little gourmand , Christmas trees and cookies....

A candle scented with this ? WOULD BE KILLAH !

From Dawn's website -


Ines said...

A stalker?
I just ordered a little something from Dawn so I could use the 20% off offer - and knowing how much I like her winter/Christmas scents, I put in a dram roller of December and here you are reviewing it. :) Now it seems that dram is not going to be enough... ;)

waftbyCarol said...

You will love it Ines , and no a dram roller is not enough !

olenska said...

I'd sign any petition you started for that there candle.... :)