Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aftelier Parfum de Maroc

image from flikr
One of the wonderful treasures I bought during Sniffa Fall Ball was a 4 ml mini of Mandy's creation Parfum de Maroc . To tell the truth , I really wanted Leather , but Bendels was sold out of it . Since I am striving to collect all of her fragrances and they did not have Candide , I " settled " for Maroc , and lucky me !

Spicy deliciousness unfolds when I apply Parfum de Maroc on skin . Rose ? Not at all - it is simply the pillow upon which all of this wonderfulness rests , not a star player . The quintessence of what a gourmand should be , not sweet but tangy , piquant , complex . There is just enough black pepper to balance the galangal and just enough saffron to balance the yummy cardamom . Ah Mandy , your genious shines again , and I want a bottle of EDP .
Santa are you listening ? I was a very good girl....

notes - Turkish rose, , saffron , galangal, nutmeg , black pepper, bitter orange , cardamom , myrrh

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Dixie said...

I received my outlaw scents! I can't wait to start trying everything! Thanks!

Great review!