Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Providence Perfume Co. Moss Gown

The joy of fragrance is  in it's complexity and mystery - the deciphering , the remembering , the contemplation and finally the wearing . Moss Gown is all of these and more . It is rich and fruity ( not sweet nor bright but dark and decaying fruit ! ) It is woody and mossy and mysterious , complex and deep , earthy rich resinous , intellectual . It was love at first sniff  and yet after I got to know her , I did not love her for awhile . The cedar was too much , and I was upset that the boronia and coffee flower was overshadowed by the regal cedar . ( I consider cedar sacred . It is strong and assertive enough to take over a fragrance . ) After experimenting a little , I decanted some from my bottle and find that dabbing rather than spraying shows off the floralcy and suppresses the pronounced cedar a little .
The notes in this fragrance are rare and expensive . Coffee flower is one of the richest , fruitiest essences I have ever smelled , and here it is just luscious ! Boronia too is lush and fruity and together they are decadent and dark . Lifting this pair into the sun is a dusty dry sunflower and a moist young chamomile . Dark and light play like a lilting melody , trees swaying creating dappled sun and shade .
Yet it never strays too far from the earth , as moss IS earth , moist and dark and green and tranquil . Reclining on a soft bed of moss to sleep , to dream , this is perfume and all it was meant to be .

Top notes are sunflower, mimosa, cedar and chamomile; middle notes are boronia, rose, coffee blossom, narcissus, lilac and violet leaf; base notes are cedarmoss, sandalwood and white cedar extract.


Carol said...

It seems you grew to love her again after dabbing!

waftbyCarol said...

I DID !!

Aisha said...

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