Monday, October 12, 2009

By Kilian Back To Black

Who cares what the scent smells like ? This luxurious , smooth , silky , exquisite box is so sexy to look at and hold...
Eventually of course I am seduced by the bottle too , and the scent inside begins to whisper my name. Back to Black : Aphrodisiac is a warm , enveloping tobacco scent that has called my name since it first appeared on the blogs , so it's exciting that my swapping buddy Anna wanted to swap her brand new
bottle to me for a bottle of Mona di Orio . I've been waiting excitedly for the package to arrive and : HERE IT IS .
Lucky me , I met Monsieur Henessey at Bergdorf Goodman's and Aedes when he launched his fragrances ( and yes he is every bit as gorgeous and refined and genteel as he looks in the photographs . And he is really passionate and proud of his fragrances . )

A wave of fruity sweetness that almost seems too much , the soft powdery tobacco , the waxy texture of seems like it will all be just TOO much .

But it isn't . All this too much-ness is just enough to make me want more more more .

Notes listed for By Kilian Back to Black : Aphrodisiac :

bergamot , geranium , cardamom , coriander , raspberry , cherry , honey absolute , cedar , olibanum , patchouli , benzoin , tonka absolute , amber , vanilla

This walks the line between gourmand that's dripping sweet fruit , and delicate powdery whispers of honey...there is a milky-licorice accord that I love . The waxy/honey is an interesting and amazing drydown that's powdery but delicate . I will be wearing this alot !!

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ggs said...

This is top on my list of possible purchases in NY. But I haven't sniffed it yet! Hope to see you soon. Not *absolutely sure* I'll be at Sniffa right now....