Friday, October 23, 2009

The Plaza and Krigler Parfumery

The Plaza Hotel sits at the south end of Central Park and has a fountain in front , along with uniformed concierge/doormen . The carriages are clip clopping , the fountain gurgling , people sweeping up in stretch limos . It's a great place to people watch , which I sit and do every time I'm in Manhattan . I've never had the nerve to go inside and look around , I figured they'd immediately regognize me for the fraud I am .....
Saturday afternoon was gray , cold , wet , windy....I had no problem marching through that revolving door like I belonged . NO ONE STOPPED ME !
There is a shopping mall inside the Plaza . Small but still , a shopping mall .
The Krigler Perfumery is a small glass booth near the north entrance , and it was dark and closed . Confusion set in amongst all of us waiting for the presentation .
Turns out we were all waiting in the wrong place .
Our group was ushered to a plush private meeting hall .
Rows of chairs set up in front of a screen , bottles of water and booklets on each chair , huge displays of fragrance across the back of the room and a table piled high with little wooden boxes....
I believe it was the Grandson of the founder who spoke with us , gave a slide presentation of the history of Krigler and their home in Cap d'Antibes , France , and their wealthy and famous clientele from all over the world . ( Ernest Hemingway , JFK , Grace Kelley...)
The fragrances : all lovely and wearable and not too expensive !!
The little wooden boxes ? Each held a tiny Viennese bundt cake for our eating pleasure .


Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful event, i've got 2 perfumes from Krigler and i love them, i highly recommend them:
Manhattan Rosse 44 and Sparkling Diamond 22!


waftbyCarol said...

The booklet containing swatches in tiny envelopes , lots of pics ....I'll photograph it for tomorrow .
I loved the Jasmine , the Gardenia , the subtle Tuberose , the Cedar was exquisite , and I don't love cedar....

ggs said...

This house is a new one to me. I checked out the Krigler web site, and they offer free samples in their Plaza shop (up to 6) or they have a sample program where you can purchase them online. Sounds like they were very good hosts at Sniffa! (Cute desserts always works!)

waftbyCarol said...

Hi Gail
I will talk more about Krigler when I'm over this awful cold .
My friend borrowed the booklet , when she returns it I will elaborate . I loved the fragrances !!