Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ayala Moriel Rainforest

The pervasive green , the faraway sunshine dappling the tops of the trees , the damp earth , the drip drip drip of the rain....they are all here . If you have ever had the pleasure of being in an old growth rainforest , you will find it all here in the beautiful Rainforest by Ayala Moriel .

I'm not a fan of green fragrances , usually they skew bitter . I find I just don't want to smell bitter . BUT THIS !! This is stepping into a cool stand of trees inhabited by all things ancient and serene .
This is not sharp or angular , and the amazing thing is that Ayala did not resort to patchouli !!

Notes listed for Rainforest :
Top :
Black Spruce , Galbanum , Juniper
Heart :
Violet Leaf , Rose , Hyacinth
Base :
Oakmoss , Spikenard , Hay

Our rainforests are disappearing , old growth trees are now very rare . Every year , forests the size of Ireland are cut down . Sad but true , most of these trees are used for pulp paper production . If you would like more information , go here .


Rappleyea said...

This sounds amazing! What an impressive list of notes.

chayaruchama said...

I'm always happy to support Ayala, for more reasons than there is room ;-)

Her body of work stands on its own merits; and she is delightful and genuine.
Whatta combo....

waftbyCarol said...

This is soooo good , I am so lucky to have the pure parfum .